Midland Funding llc put a derogative mark in my credit report

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I never heard about this company ( Midland Funding ) and from December 2017 I'd been harassed on the phone .I told them I don't have any problem with citicards but they insist that I owned more than ten thousand dollars ,So I called citicards consumer agent and he told me my account with them is in good standing.

I think Midland Funding is a fraudulent company and Transunion and others shouldn't accept any derogative mark coming from them, I am going to file a dispute about this problem and if anyone could tell me what's the best way to do it That will be great.I will also get in touch with consumers affairs and complain about the fraudulent company Midland Funding llc

Midland Funding LLC filed a lawsuit against me

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I just a letter in the mail telling me that a lawsuit was filed on me Feb, 2 2012 by Midland Funding LLC in the amount of $8,820.45.I am an disable man since 2005.

I am still disable and can not work. Now I know I could not pay for a credit card do to my income drop. I only make 1600 a month from my disable check. I do not recall any of my credit cards being that high.

What do I do? How do I fight them? Do I really need to get a lawyer to fight this?

I am on a fix income and can not pay for a lawyer.If I have to get a lawyer, do anyone out there know a free lawyer to take this on for me?

Midland Funding - Ticked OFF!

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In 2008 I was taken to court by midland funding accusing me of still owing $1400 since 2004.I desputed their claim and sent them a copy of my bank statement that showed the payment made to the credit card Co settling my debt.I went through ***.

They went ahead and froze my accounts anyway until our court date. In court I Displayed my bank statement the same statement i initially sent to them. A week later I called these *** and they insured me that the bad remark was going to be removed.

Now here we are three years later and I'm reviewing my credit report and staring at me is that blemish saying there is a judgement against me for that same amount.Im going to seek legal advice to see what can be done.

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Midland Funding - My name is Micheal J. Vitale and wish you would call me, and discuss my situation.

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The garnishment which you are taking , I would like to see if I could have it brought down to 5% instead of 10%.Living conditions are unbearable, if this continues I may not have a place to live and employment to garnish so I humbly am trying to address this in the respectable manner.

I like my job and the place I live but to loose these things I would be part of the problem not part of the solution, hence me taking the time to contact you and your company.Thank you so much for taking the time to read this.

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Midland Funding - I won today! Midland LLC is a fraud

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I had a fingerhut account that was bought by Midland, LLC. As other consumers have stated, it was for 1600, plus 500 interest (for their attny) and court costs.

First of all everyone, SHOW UP for court!! This young Dugie Howser attorney showed up from McCullaugh, Payne and Haan in downtown Atlanta and came all the way to the country to file charges on behalf of Midland.

I'd been harassed on the phone, but of course their selective phone logs they brought didn't show the conversation, they had no chain of assignment for the debt owed (look up fair credit practices), I was ready for them!

The first thing the attny asked the judge was to have a private meeting with me. I agreed. He was willing to ask the case be dismissed. What?? I came here with a countersuit. He tried to be arrogant and intimidating because I asked him to dumb down some of the lawyer lingo and answer my questions...and bottom line he couldn't validate my account, Midland assured them it was mine. Not good enough. Where did Midland get the case from? Don't know (I do). He'd never had anyone show up before, and never needed anything but a judge to sign off.

Bottom line is I felt cheated that I didn't pursue my countersuit...sort of like I didn't win, you forfeited. However, it's off my back for now and all I can say is SHOW UP when there's a court date. Be as prepared as you can be, but don't worry if you aren't. Burden of proof is on them. They forget that.


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Midland LLC is a completely different company...


Midland LLC and Midland National Life are not related in any way whatsoever. You have completely bashed the wrong company. Midland National Life is an insurance/annuity company and wouldn't have a single thing to do with Fingerhut debt.

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Midland LLc is not Midland National Life. Different companies.

to ATM #950832

ATM is right but he didn't say that Midland LLC (scumbags!) probably have a better reputation than Midland National Life. Try Googling "midland national life threats against women".

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